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 Shichon/Teddybear puppies starting in Jan. 2017
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Rose Cottage Kennel is a small,family owned and operated hobby breeding kennel.    
  We  breed AKC and/or  CKC Bichon and Shichon (Teddybear) puppies.
 All of our puppies are bred , born and  raised in our home. 
   Our goal is to provide our customers with healthy puppies who have sweet family friendly dispositions. 
  Please explore our site to learn more. Email us at rosecottagebichons@yahoo.com if you have any questions left unanswered. Thank you for visiting us.
                Our puppies always have a health guarantee,vet check and lots of love and attention before they join your family!We have bred happy, healthy puppies since 2000 and have excellent references for the asking. Our depositors receive weekly pictures and updates on their puppy. And the confidence that we love and care for them as if they were always staying with us.We raise our puppies in a busy family environment so that when they join your family they transition smoothly. 
  We send you and information sheet from our vet on your puppy that details their check up and an info sheet from me that details the puppies daily schedule. 

*********Deposits are $250 and non-Refundable********************** 

*******************    MALE VS FEMALE   ******************
Males, many times, get a bad rap, mostly because people don't understand that if neutered at around 5 months, they are almost guaranteed not to mark their territory. Marking is a hormonal response which neutering solves. In fact many vets, groomers and trainers think their temperament to be even sweeter. So don’t let the male/female issue be the only determining factor in selection. Our references would speak to both male and female being equally wonderful. We personally feel that it is the temperament of the dog that is most important, not whether they are male or female (same as people). Also, both come in the tiny or larger sizes. You honestly would not be able to tell the difference.Please consider each puppies temperament and how well it is suited to your family,before the gender consideration.
 Thank you for considering our puppies to be your new family member.
Enjoy our website and don't hesitate to email with any questions you may have.

            Lacey with her 2007 family and Elvis our Bichon papa
 The Crows with their three SHICHONS, from ROSE COTTAGE