We are anticipating a litter of FALL Bichons for 2018

We are building a waiting list for this special litter!
​  Names and fee will be accepted in June 2018.
​This list will be our first pay to be added list. This waiting list is different in that we will only be have three families waiting,one for each gender and one flexible.
     Because of the timing of this litter,late October/early November. 
We feel it  necessary to ensure that our puppies have a placement prior to breeding our mama. This list will have a $100 nonrefundable fee that will be deducted from the total cost. Our $250 deposit at the time of Birth will stay the same. 
The Time frame for puppies is appropriately four months from breeding to go home date.
 To be added to our Bichon list you must Email the answers to the questions below with your gender preference to me. The waiting list fee is to be sent PayPal,friends and family to ensure no additional fee is attached by PayPal. 
I will send you a confirmation email with your list placement once both elements are received.

Our puppies are well socialized and health is guaranteed. 
 They are family raised and child friendly. 
Great companions for all ages!  They are vet cheand all are healthy,happy, playful and gorgeous!Bichon Parents are AKC.
 ********Our puppy adoption questionnaire:************

 Who will be the person responsible for the puppies daily care?  

Do you have other pets in your home? Have you had other pets, if so what type? If so where are they now? 
Do you have an established Vet and groomer?
 Are you aware of the groomer cost and frequency?  

Do you have a fenced in area for the puppy to be outside or do you intend to walk the puppy frequently? 

Have you educated yourself on house training a new puppy or do you have experience?

Has your child been exposed to puppies or will you be educating her on proper handling of the puppy?

Do you have a sleeping place/crate area established?

​Please email to be added to our waiting list.